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Maaya Fine Jewels Indian Diamond Jewelry at Oak Tree Road in Iselin New Jersey

July 21, 2021

Why buy Indian Jewelry from Maaya Fine Jewels Online

Maaya Fine Jewels is a business that is based in Iselin, New Jersey, with their client base being international. While they have a physical store in New Jersey, they ship across three continents. They are an excellent place to buy earrings online from as well. Their online store holds the same reputation as the in-person store, so if you want to buy Indian gold jewelry online from them, you will not be disappointed at all. 


About Maaya Fine Jewels

Maaya Fine Jewels has a spectacular collection of Diamond and Uncut Diamond Jewelry set in Gold that is 18KT and 22 KT. They have a grand two-storied jewelry showroom in Iselin, New Jersey, and they also have a manufacturing unit.


They offer personalized one-to-one service for every customer that comes in, and they also give information on the diamonds while walking the customer through the process of design that they do while making their pieces. They also have experts to advise customers on which jewelry piece suits them best.


They are a family-owned jewelry firm that began in 1975 and are today a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of these products with more than 40 years of experience. They come from India, in the town of Palanpur that is in Gujarat, where eight generations have been in the diamond and jewelry business. 


The aim of Maaya Fine Jewels is to bring the rich traditions of India to the United States with their timeless diamond pieces. This inspiration comes from their forefathers, and they are today well-known for the impeccable workmanship and the unique designs of the diamonds. Their goal is to deliver a product that is flawless. All of their pieces are hand-crafted in Mumbai in India, in the state-of-the-art factory that they own.


They hail from Gujarat and are based in New Jersey, but they have a global presence with the client base being spread across three continents with a strong presence being in the United States, India, and also the UK so people can buy online jewelry. They have a wholesale and private retail business that is based out of Long Island, New York, and is called Jewel Kraft Inc. They have a reputation and an excellent business standing in the US that comes from being in the business for about two decades.


What all this means is that they procure clean diamonds and unique natural gemstones of the highest quality from which jewelry is designed and made in their sophisticated factories. Since they have generations of experience, you can see expertise meet tradition here, giving you the assurance that their work will not disappoint you in any manner even if you buy online gold jewelry from them.


So, if you’re looking to buy earrings online or specifically Indian gold jewelry online, then Maaya Fine Jewels is definitely the store you need to go to. They are unmatched in quality, price, and beauty, and you can never go wrong.