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What makes Indian Jewelry so Popular? Know from Maaya Fine Jewels in New Jersey

June 21, 2021

What Makes Indian Jewelry So Popular Globally?

Indian jewelry is something that is popular across the globe, and in this article, we will be looking at why this is so. If you’re someone looking for such jewelry, you can simply Google ‘Indian jewelry store near me,’ so you can find a store near you that fits your tastes.


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Indian Jewelry Popular Worldwide

India is a country that is admired worldwide for the artistic creativity that it has offered for many years. India is home to a variety of different cultures meaning that the jewelry that the country offers is very diverse. These designs are not popular not only in the domestic markets but also worldwide.


One of the most popular forms of these are the traditional Bikaneri and Jaipur jewelry pieces. These have been popular for many very years and have not grown to popularity only in recent years. Another form that is well-loved is the Kundan jewelry. These are stone-studded pieces that are created to match both the modern as well as the traditional looks, thereby gaining popularity in the international markets. 


Two of the other forms of traditional jewelry are the silver and gold ones. While you can get jewelry in different metals and materials, gold and silver are very popular. According to statistics, Indian women have approximately 11% of the gold in the world in the form of jewelry pieces. This is the statistic that proves the love Indian women have for gold. Silver is also treasured just as much, and this is a metal that is loved across the worldwide as is too.


Another popular form are the jewelry pieces made of Terracotta ones. These are not loved made from metal or any precious stones but are loved because of how unique they are in terms of craftsmanship. There is great skill that goes into making these, and they use great vibrant colors, making them very popular in this industry. 


Another factor that plays into these is the fact that the elegance of these jewelry pieces is something to be appreciated in itself. Any piece that you see is usually made keeping in mind artistry that is traditional. There are also lightweight versions of the bigger, more extravagant pieces. 


The modern generation loves the fusion of the modern and the traditional. These pieces can be worn with any outfit and are not just ethnic wear. This fusion has played a major role in its popularity. 


The designs of Indian accessories are loved worldwide, especially jewelry, as we spoke about earlier. If you are looking for a store accessible for you, we recommend Googling ‘Indian jewelry store near me.’ But as mentioned, Maaya Fine Jewels is the store you need to go to to buy Indian jewelry in USA.