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diamond earrings to suit different face types

October 14, 2021

Understanding Earrings to Suit Different Face Types

Earrings are a great choice to help take your look a step up. But since there are so many options and styles today, it can be difficult to know which one goes well for your face. In this article, we will be looking at tips that can help you figure this out.


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Earrings for Face Shapes


Face Shapes


  • Inverted Triangle Shaped

This is a shape similar to a heart-shaped, and here the widest part of your face is the forehead, and the chin tapers down to be pointy. The earrings that go with this are those that create the illusion of width at the jawline and de-emphasize the forehead. Chandelier earrings and teardrop earrings are the best here.


  • Round Faces

For circular faces, the cheekbones are wider, and there is no taper to the chin. To make your face look slimmer, you can go for dangle or drop earrings. Button studs, hoops, drop earrings with a dangling round disc, and large circular earrings should be avoided.


  • Oval face

For people that have oval-shaped faces, practically any earrings will do, but the ones that will show your cheekbones are simple studs or triangular earrings.


  • Long and Narrow Face

Here the face is long and thin, so the width of your face should be emphasized with the earrings. You can choose rounder earrings or hoops in medium to large sizes, short dangles, clustered earrings, and studs.


  • HeartShaped Face

Here the lower half of the face narrows like a heart, and the forehead is wider than the cheeks. The sharp chin can be counterbalanced well with teardrop or chandelier earrings. Earrings that are wider at the bottom are good as they fill the bottom half of your face making it more balanced.


  • Square Face

If you have wide square jaws where the jawline and forehead have a similar width, you need earrings that can soften the edges. Pick earrings that are medium to long and have round edges since oval shapes, hoop earrings, and circular ones will soften it up. Stay away from square shapes in earrings, though. 


Other Tips


  • Bone structure

This is another thing to keep note of as it will determine the weight and the size of the earrings that can suit you. For example, fine earrings for a fine bone structure, medium earrings for a medium bone structure, and large earrings for a large bone structure. 


  • Context

Another thing to keep note of is where you’re wearing the earrings at. Conservative earrings are good for conservative spaces, and you should avoid large earrings here. It is best to avoid hoop or dangling earrings if you’re an executive.


  • Personality 

However, after work is all done with, you can loosen up and choose more flashy and bigger ones if you want to go out for dinner or an event. Earrings are also meant to showcase your personality so remember that when you pick out pieces to wear



Knowing what goes well with your face is important so that you can buy earrings that suit you best. You can then easily pick out gold earrings or a diamond earring with ease in a style that you know will flatter you.


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