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May 25, 2021

Tips to buy your first Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry has been an all-time favorite for every woman around the world. However, buying a diamond is not an easy task as one has to keep in mind multiple different aspects of getting the best quality diamond at a price that is worth it. Indian diamond jewelry has always been flawlessly beautiful and charming and, in modern times, is very easily available around the globe.


In the USA, Indian diamond jewelry stores can be found in various places, including New Jersey and Iselin. Oak Tree Road, in particular, has incredible fine jewelry shops which are worth exploring if you are looking forward to buying diamond jewelry. 


Few tips to remember before buying your first diamond jewelry:


1.] Consider the occasion - Before buying your first diamond jewelry, it is essential to understand and categorize the occasion. For example, if you are buying your first diamond for your marriage, you might want to look at a beautiful diamond mangalsutra. But if you are purchasing a diamond for your wife or mother, a sleek diamond bangle bracelet makes an incredible option. 


However, besides these, a diamond jewelry set also can be a worth it investment. A diamond jewelry set is definitely special because it completes an entire look, and nothing else is required to accompany it for finishing a look. It also makes an excellent gifting option for different types of occasions, including marriages, anniversaries, or birthdays. 


2.] Fix a budget - Whether you buy a complete diamond jewelry set or a simple diamond mangalsutra, it is crucial to fix a budget beforehand and look for jewelry as per the fixed budget. A fixed budget will naturally help you get more value for the money you would want to invest in diamond jewelry. 


3.] Certification - Even if you are buying a very simple diamond bangle bracelet, it is absolutely necessary to ask for genuine certification. Every natural gemstone has its own unique features, which might include natural rarity and gemological makeup.  


These gemstones become more precious based on their cuts and finishing. To understand these features well and properly analyze the worth of the diamond that you are spending for, it is very important to ask for a certificate while purchasing the diamonds. 


4.] Look for the cut quality - While buying your first diamond mangalsutra or your first diamond bangle bracelet, you must make sure that you aim for a higher cut quality. 


While purchasing any diamond, it is very important to consider the Four Cs - cut, clarity, color, and carat. Out of these four important aspects, the cut quality holds larger importance and always should be looked at very carefully before buying diamonds. 


5.] Buy offline - It is always better to buy diamonds from a brick-and-mortar jewelry store as it gives you the opportunity to take a direct look at the diamonds and examine the quality of the stones yourself. Buying diamonds is an expensive investment, and thus one should be very careful and do proper research before investing in diamonds.