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ways to take care of your diamond jewelry while travelling

October 14, 2021

Tips for travelling with Diamond Jewelry

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This is one of the best places to buy fine Indian jewelry as the name itself suggests. You can buy beautiful diamonds and even Indian jewelry for weddings if you so need. In this article, we will be looking at tips to take care of your diamonds if you’re traveling with them. 


Traveling with Diamond Jewelry

  • Insurance

If you have insurance, be sure to notify your carrier that you’re traveling. Many people often notify their credit card companies that they’re traveling and this is a good practice to keep in mind even if you’re taking your jewelry with you.


  • Photograph

Before you leave, be sure to take photographs, and good ones at that, of all the diamond jewelry that you’re taking with you as you’re traveling. In case that a piece happens to get lost, you will have photo proof to claim it when you do find it.


  • Carryon

If you’re going to travel by plane or any other mode of transport, be sure that you’re keeping your jewelry as a carry-on item and are taking it with you wherever you go. Don’t put the pieces with your luggage if it is going to be separated from you, in case it gets lost. 


  • Plastic bags

This may sound like a joke but is actually a really good tip to pack your jewelry. Plastic sandwich bags are very handy for purposes like this. You can put little labels on each of the bags so you know what piece is in which bag. This way you can see what you’ve brought along with you. But with diamonds be careful that they don’t rub against each other as this can cause them to get scratches. 


  • Pill box

Pill boxes are actually pretty great to organize and store jewelry as well. They are inexpensive yet very sturdy and they can easily hold your diamonds. Apart from that they are also great at helping you plan what you’re going to wear on which day. They can protect your pieces from getting damaged by the other items in your bag so they are very handy.


  • No cotton

Be sure to avoid cotton balls or cotton battening as you store your diamonds. This is because they can leave little fiber pieces under the prongs and settings, so the best thing to do is to go for plastic bags or saran wrap. 


  • Pin

If you’re using plastic, and you have items that have pins at the back, just pin them through the plastic. As said before, diamonds rubbing against each other can cause scratches to appear, so pinning the pieces in this manner can prevent this as well.


  • Bring Less

Sometimes it is better to just bring a little instead of many different pieces. You will still look great because often less is more.



If you follow these tips, then you will be able to safely travel with your diamonds no matter where it is that you want to go. And as mentioned, the best place for you to buy Indian jewelry in USA is Maaya Fine Jewels, as they have impeccable workmanship.


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