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February 11, 2022

South Indian Jewelry pieces to go with every outfit

South Indian Jewelry has a style of its own. The long haaram uplifts the whole look and is beautiful to wear. Temple jewelry is also a very popular aspect of South Indian Jewelry. Maaya Fine Jewelry is your go-to South Indian jewelry store in USA. They present a wide collection of jewelry along with the South Indian Style of jewelry. If you have been looking for South Indian necklaces or haaram as they are popularly called then you are at the right spot. Let us take a look at the fine range of South Indian jewels at the Maaya store. 


  1. South-Indian Style Multi-Purpose Necklace Set


This South-Indian necklace is made of 18K gold VVS clarity diamonds. This necklace set comes with earrings and can be worn in multiple ways. The emeralds and diamonds used are interchangeable, which adds to its value. The pearls and rubies adorning the neck elevate the entire look. It is going to cover the entire neck and people definitely can’t take their eyes off this one. Get this appealing set at $ 32,555.


  1. Diamond Waist Belt


Waist belts are an absolute must for South Indian brides. This diamond waist belt or vaddanam as it is called in South India is crafted with 18K yellow and white gold. It is F colored and made of excellent cut diamonds with interchangeable rubies and emeralds. The south sea pearls used as danglers make the belt look even more alluring. The waist belt is adjustable and has a thick chain with a hook lock. Hurry and grab this diamond waist belt at $ 24, 400.


  1. Andhra Style Daily Wear Earrings


These South Indian or Andhra style earrings are carved out of 18K gold and E color VVS clarity diamonds. These are perfect for someone, who does not like to change their earrings often and also wants to keep up the style game. Get these graceful earrings at Maaya Fine Jewelry at $ 1,898.


  1. Openable Gold and Diamond Bracelet


This openable gold and diamond bracelet works as a two in one and can also be used as a bajubandh. It is made of EVVS and EVVS + 11 quality diamonds and 18K gold. Available in different sizes and sizes can be customized too depending on individuals. Excellent display of craftsmanship by Maaya Fine Jewelry at just $ 7,622. 


  1. Traditional South Indian Gold Bangles


Carved out of 18K gold, these traditional South Indian bangles are perfect for the bride. Looks completely royal and has a perfect traditional South Indian feel. Easily customizable, these bangles are worth $ 6,160. 


  1. Traditional South Indian Diamond and Ruby Ring


Shaped out of 14K gold and open cut diamonds, this ring is a perfect traditional South Indian ring. Ruby brings out the charm and gives a charismatic look. This mix of diamond and Ruby with a South Indian touch costs around $ 591. Maaya Fine Jewels excels in South Indian rings and has a great collection you wouldn’t want to miss out.


  1. South Indian Style Gold and Diamond Ring


The excellence of South Indian rings at Maaya continues with this another artistic ring also known as Veli Ungaram. A circular band crafted with 18K gold and E colored diamonds of VVS clarity. The rose/white tones of gold sparkle with the diamonds stretching from one side to another. This ring is going to cost you $ 1,027. 


The wide range of collections must have convinced you to shop from Maaya, your favorite South Indian jewelry store in USA. Apart from the traditional Southern jewelry, other magnificent pieces of jewelry are going to leave you amazed. Add these alluring jewelry to your closet by shopping at Maaya.