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February 11, 2022

Latest Amazing Pendant Designs for Women

Maaya Fine Jewels, a Diamond Jewelry store in New Jersey has a wide line of Indian jewelry. Add designer necklace sets, fine pendants, iconic rings, and stylish accessories to your closet and let the crowd be awestruck. Replace your old diamond jewelry set with the new jewelry collection at Maaya Fine Jewels. The rich traditions of India have bloomed perfectly in the heart of Iselin, New Jersey. From Palanpur to NJ, it has been quite a journey. The manufacturing unit has been set up in Mumbai, India. With 40 years of family business experience, Maaya Fine Jewels have been successful in expanding their business in the USA and India. Here are our top choices for the pendant designs.


  1. Ganesh Pendant made of Diamonds, Pearls and Gold


This Ganesh pendant is made of 18K yellow gold. It is crafted with VVS quality diamonds and adorned with pearls and emeralds. You can wear this divine pendant with a nallapusalu or white gold chain. The uncut diamonds used in the pendant make it look extremely fashionable. This pendant is going to cost you $9769.


  1. Diamond and Emerald Ganpati Pendant


Tired of wearing your heavy diamond jewelry set?  Well, replace it with this emerald and diamond Ganpati pendant. It is made of 18K gold and VVS clarity diamonds. This Ganpati shaped pendant costs you $7498.


  1. Crescent Shaped Diamond Pendant


E-colored diamonds of VVS quality crafted with 18K gold will melt your heart at the first sight. Uncut diamonds combined with two flower-shaped diamonds on the sides make this crescent pendant look absolutely stunning. Pocket pinch for this one is likely to be $5333.


  1. Gold and Diamond Pendant along with Gold Chain


This gold and diamond pendant is F colored and made of VVS quality diamonds. This pendant comes with a white gold chain. You can also wear this with a mangalsutra and style your look. Spent $2116 for this marvelous piece.


  1. EVVS Diamond Studded (Pendant) on 18K Gold Base


A perfect match for you mangalsutra and thali chain. This EVVS diamond and gold pendant is made of 18K gold and is one of the finest works by Maaya Fine Jewelry. Grab this unique piece at $2202.


  1. Tanmani made of 18K Gold and EVVS Diamonds


Traditionally speaking Tanmani is a mangalsutra pendant. Crafted with 18K gold and it is available in rose tone. It is E colored and has VVS quality diamonds. Wear it with a nallapusalu or a chain. This Tanmani diamond jewelry set is going to cost you $2028.


  1. 18K Gold and EVVS Diamond Pendant


This Lakettu ( pendant )is made of E-colored diamonds of EVVS clarity. The flower-shaped diamonds on top and bottom blend perfectly with each other. This too can be worn with a nallapusalu. This pendant is going to cost you $1589.


  1. Elegant Gold and Diamond (Pendant)


Another beautiful work of art by Maaya Fine Jewelry is likely to take your heart away. It is made of 18K gold and comes in a yellow tone. This one is also E-colored and made of EVVS quality diamonds. It can be worn in multiple ways. Spend $1481 to make this diamond pendant yours. 


If you have been looking for an Indian Diamond jewelry store in New Jersey, Maaya Fine Jewelry perfectly fits your match. The wide range of jewelry collections makes it tough for you to choose. The best part of the jewelry is definitely its flexibility. The chains and pendants are changeable, therefore making it convenient for the user to adjust them according to different occasions. Don’t forget to check out the latest designs and collection.