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May 10, 2021

Know the Difference: 24k, 22k, 18k, 14k and 10k Gold

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Purity of Gold

But when you’re buying gold, there are a few things you need to be looking at. Let’s talk about the purity of gold. Firstly, what is pure gold? It is also known as fine gold, and this is 24k gold. It isn’t usually used for jewelry as it is very soft. This means that 24K gold is mixed with other metals, so it can be strengthened enough to be used for jewelry. We will now talk about the different purities of gold, so you know what the karat marking means when it comes to gold jewelry. 


24K Gold

As mentioned, this is pure gold or 100 percent gold and has no traces of other metals in it. It has a distinct color that is bright yellow, and there is no higher form of gold than this. This is the purest form of usable gold (it will have other alloys mixed in when used), it is more expensive than 22K gold. This gold is lesser in density when you compare it to the gold of other karats, making it soft. It is used to make coins and bars and also in medical devices and electronics.



22K Gold

22K gold jewelry means that 22 part of it is gold, and the remaining two parts are made out of metal alloys. At this level, gold can be used to make jewelry. 91.67% of it is pure gold, while the rest has metals like silver, nickel, zinc, etc. This alloy makes the gold harder and durable, making it usable to make jewelry. 22K gold cannot be used to make cut diamond jewelry but only plain gold jewelry. This is because it is soft, and cut diamonds may loosen up and fall out.


18K Gold

This gold is 75% pure gold, and 25% of this is an alloy of metals like copper, silver, nickel, etc.  Cut diamond jewelry and studded jewelry is generally made in 18K gold. This gold is obviously less expensive when compared to 24K or 22K. It has a rich gold luster but is a little dull.


14K Gold

Fourteen parts of 14K are pure gold, and the rest ten are made of metal alloys. This is 58.5% pure gold, and this mixture gives jewelry a gold color that is loved by all while still being durable and strong. 


10K Gold

This is gold that is commonly used for jewelry as it is very strong. It is an alloy that has ten parts of gold, and the rest 14 parts are other metals like zinc, copper, nickel, or silver. It has 41.&% pure gold and jewelry made from this will be stamped as such on the jewelry.,



To summarise the percentages of gold:

  • 24K gold is 99.99% pure gold.
  • 22K gold is 91.67 % gold.
  • 18K gold is 75.0 % gold.
  • 14K gold is 58.3 % gold.
  • 12K gold is 50.0 % gold.
  • 10K gold is 41.7 % gold.


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