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Know about Sapphire gemstone - the stone of royalty

November 27, 2021

Know more about Sapphire - The Stone Of Royalty

The sapphire stone is the ultimate symbol of tranquility and purity, and a perfect choice for an engagement or wedding ring. An ideal gift for anniversaries and other major milestones, this beautiful stone has been used as rings to symbolize love and affection for centuries. This blog post will help you learn all you need to know about the world of sapphires to what makes them so unique.


If you want to set the precedent for the most stunning ring ever, opt for a sapphire. Like any other gemstone, the value of sapphires varies widely based on their clarity, color, size, cutting, and overall quality. If you’re looking to buy beautiful Indian jewelry, search for the best Indian jewelry store near me!


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Different Types of Sapphires

The history of sapphires dates back to the rise of civilization. These gemstones have been associated with royalty, wisdom, and purity. Their association with beauty is a more recent development. The word "sapphire" is derived from the ancient Greek word "sappheiros", meaning "blue stone". They are also known as 'Padparadscha' (meaning 'lotus blossom pink'), 'Cornell,' or 'Fancy Vivid' sapphires. 


Here are some of the different types of Sapphires that will definitely help you choose and get an idea about these precious gems. 


Blue Sapphire: Blue sapphire is bold and beautiful — and it's no surprise that it's the most popular color variant of sapphire. These stones are almost always a deep, royal blue or a lighter cornflower blue. Blue sapphires are available in every shape, from round to pear-shaped, cushion cut and more — and can be set in anything from yellow gold to platinum.


Pink Sapphire: Pink Sapphires are a delicate shade of pink, and their popularity is growing as the gemstone becomes more readily available. Pink sapphires come in a range of colors from light baby pink to an intense magenta that can be used as a substitute for the classic ruby.


Yellow Sapphire: A yellow sapphire is a beautiful gem that is loved for its vivid hue. They are often used in jewelry but have also been used throughout history for other purposes. Yellow sapphires have a rich history, being found in ancient times across Europe, Asia and Africa.


Orange Sapphire: With its intense golden orange hue and fiery spark, this gem is a sight to behold. With hints of every hue from deep gold to mandarin to deep orange, this gem is flanked by lightning-fast electrons that dance across its surface. 


Green Sapphire: This gem is a striking shade of deep green, like the lush forests that inspired its name. It’s an extremely rare stone that’s highly prized for its beauty and resiliency.


White Sapphire: White sapphires are a rare type of sapphire that has no trace mineral impurities. The white color is actually a result of an optical effect known as "colorless". White sapphires can be worn as an engagement ring or just as a beautiful piece of jewelry.



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