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March 23, 2021

Jhumka Earrings to add that magical sparkle to your attire

Jhumka earrings are also known as chandelier earrings. They are a part of the Indian tradition and a must for bridal jewelry. Even though they originate from the Indian subcontinent, jhumkas have enamored the world and are seen being worn by people all over the globe. Their charm and beauty work wonders to any outfit, regardless of the occasion.


They are versatile pieces of jewelry that have evolved. We now have oxidized Jhumkas, Terracotta Jhumka, Chandbalis Jhumka, and so much more. They are often seen with beads, pieces of mirrors, stones, ghungoroos, etc., and are made of wood, clay, silver, gold, and other precious metals.


When it comes to bridal jewelry, diamond jhumka earrings are the trendy and best choice that many brides go for. Diamond jhumka earrings go the best in a diamond necklace and earrings set. Diamonds are jewels that offer a delightful play with light which can make any brides shine and stand out. Let’s look at why you should use jhumkas and how they add that magical sparkle to any outfit that you wear. 


  • Elegance

Jhumkas, as we mentioned already, have evolved over the years. Today you would find a large variety of them in the market. Jhumkas can look elegant if they’re grant and extravagant and also if they’re simplistic with stud earrings. 


  • Versatile and unique

Jhumkas come in varying sizes and lengths. The beading and curvature of these earrings make them stand out. They are not earrings that are to be worn only with traditional Indian outfits; they can be worn with western attire as well. They allude charm and can make the wearer stand out.


With the versatility that jhumkas offer, they are the perfect jewelry for you if you like something modern, traditional, or even a mix of both. They work well with complementing attire for formal events, casual events, and everything in-between.


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