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Ways to take care for your diamond earrings by Maaya Fine Jewels in New Jersey

June 25, 2021

Important Tips to Care for your Diamond Earrings

Diamonds earrings are well-loved jewelry pieces. They have great brilliance and beauty that make them incredible statement pieces for any occasion and event. However, they do need care and maintenance, and that is what we are going to be addressing, so you know what to do after you buy earrings online.


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Tips to Take Care of Diamonds

  • While diamonds are durable, the oil from your skin gets built up on the diamonds. When this builds up, it can make the stone look pretty dirty, and it will lose its sheen. So, be careful with how often you touch them. Another thing to keep in mind is that they should not be worn when you’re putting on lotions, creams, or any sprays. While diamonds do repel water, the grease and oil will stick onto it.


  • Diamonds sparkle because of the way the diamonds refract light. But this can be blocked when dirt, oil, and sweat block it. This means that you need to clean them regularly so that the sparkle is retained. It’s very easy to clean diamonds, and all you’d need is a toothbrush that is softbristled, mild soap, and warm water. 


Along the face of the gem, you also need to clean the back where dirt and grease can easily get accumulated. You should then wipe it down with a lint-free cloth that is soft. Also, make sure that you block the drain if you’re cleaning the diamond over a sink. Do not use chemicals for cleaning as they can dissolve or erode the metal. 


  • While diamonds are hard and very durable, the prongs that hold the diamonds that hold it can very easily be broken. This is why you should be gentle when you clean the diamonds. Don’t put too much pressure or scrub it or use a hard toothbrush. If you find a diamond caught in cloth, disentangle it gently, and do not pull it. It may fall away, and it may be difficult to locate the diamond if they are small. 


  • Diamonds should also not be worn constantly and should be taken off if you’re going to places like the beach. The salty water, sand, and dirt aren’t things that diamonds should be around. Take them off when you’re cleaning too, so they are nowhere near bleach and chlorine. 


  • Diamonds rubbing against other diamonds can cause scratches to form, and it can be difficult to restore the original sparkle if this does happen. This is why it is important to store diamond jewelry in cases that are lined with fabric or velvet and kept in separate compartments. 



Once you know how to take care of your diamond earrings, your jewelry pieces will last for a very long time. And as mentioned, we recommend Maaya Fine Jewels for you to buy gold earrings or any other Indian jewelry.