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March 04, 2023

Explore Indian Jewelry's Rich Culture and Tradition

The biggest celebrations of love, style, and prosperity are weddings. Unquestionably, the stunning bride is the main focus of every wedding. As she walks down the aisle wearing the most exquisite clothing and jewelry, all eyes are on her and her timeless beauty. Here is a list of important pieces of jewelry available in Maaya Fine Jewels that will make you appear beautiful and ethereal on your special day if you are looking for an “Indian Jewelry store near me”.


You needn't even be told the importance of a Indian jewelry to a bride. For every Hindu bride, this piece of jewelry is a need. These necklaces were traditionally made of gold, but there are now several variations to choose from, including ones with diamonds, pearls, or even colored jewels and rubies. It is typically the focal point of a Hindu bride's outfit and is worn above the neckline. A bride also wears a Mangalsutra, which denotes the holy union of a man and woman, along with the jewelry.


Rani Haar

The name "rani haar" refers to a neckpiece used by queens. Long, regal neckpieces called raani haars to catch people's attention. They are frequently set with rubies, gemstones, diamonds, and pearls. No Indian woman should pass up the chance to wear this magnificent chain of excellence on her wedding day since raani haar is a daring and distinctive piece of jewelry.



Any bride will tell you that without bangles, no traditional Indian attire is complete. In Hindu culture, a newlywed woman is always seen wearing a Chura, a set of white and crimson bracelets that denotes her marital status. According to Indian culture, a Hindu bride shouldn't show her arms. Jewelleries hold a special place in a woman's heart and in her wardrobe, do we need to say more? Brides are frequently spotted wearing colorful diamond, gold, and glass bracelets.


Nose ring

Because of the classic aspect immediately associated with them, even a straightforward nose ring can transport you in time. An ethnic nose ring will be the perfect finishing touch if you have chosen heavy clothing and jewelry. The excellent news is that clip-on nose rings that seem just as conventional as the others are now available, so you can wear them on your wedding day without piercing your nose. Nose rings are an ethnic fashion statement, so use them to your advantage to become a sparkling damsel from another realm.



The Kamarband, a golden bejeweled chain worn all across waist to accentuate the feminine contours and to beautify it, is a type of waistband. Currently, we don't see many brides sporting waistbands, but in earlier times, they were a sign of sensuality. This Hindu bride's necessity is expertly crafted with beautiful embellishments and close focus on every detail.



Another crucial component of a bridal bridal gown is the pair of earrings. The pendant and earrings work together perfectly, and they enhance its design. Most brides choose heavier earrings, however, some prefer lighter earrings for convenience. Consider your bridal ensemble while selecting your earrings since diamond jewelry looks best with pastel wedding attire. Wedding attire in colours of crimson, light blue, and mint green complements the luster of diamond and gold jewelry. Wedding attire in shades of crimson and maroon looks great with white gold.

If you're looking for “Indian Jewelry near me,” you have come to the right place. You can also consider armlets, saree pins with jewels, foot harnesses, saree brooches, etc. in addition to these basic accessories. Remember that this is your special day, so go above and beyond to be the stunning bride!