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How to choose the best Indian Bridal Jewelry for your wedding

July 01, 2021

Choosing the best Indian Bridal Jewelry for your wedding

The wedding day is something that every bride looks forward to. There’s a lot of thought and preparation that goes into making the day great. When it comes to the outfit of the bride, there are no holds barred so that the bride looks incredible. 


When it comes to bridal jewelry, Maaya Fine Jewels is the place you should go to. You can buy a diamond mangalsutra, rings, jhumka earrings, and anything else you may need. 

Bridal Jewelry Pieces

Choosing the best bridal jewelry is hard work. Here are some pieces that you need to incorporate into your outfit. 


  • Jewelry Set

The classic red bridal lehenga goes really well with a diamond necklace and earring set. The brilliance of the diamonds is bound to take up the spotlight, making the bride stand out. They also go really well with a nath and a maang tikka for a great traditional touch to the entire look. 


A diamond necklace and earrings set is also great when paired with a silver zari saree, and for a red saree with gold work will look great when worn with gold jewelry. Gold is really great for sarees with a traditional touch, and if you want designer sarees, you can go for South Indian coin jewelry. 


Platinum jewelry is something that is great paired with white, and you should let beads dictate the look if your outfit has it.


  • Ring

The wedding ring is a piece of jewelry that will be worn for a lifetime and can even be a family heirloom. Most people choose diamonds for these rings, but it is important to know about their quality. The royals ones like pear and marquise are cheaper than a classic round diamond-cut, but the latter is more popular. You could also choose something that is shinier, like the cushion-cut diamonds, emerald-studded ones, or even the princess-cut diamond solitaire.  


  • Necklace

 The necklace is an important part of the wedding outfit and is a piece that stands out. The traditional necklaces will be ones made of gold, but today, you can find ones that have gems, pearls, and diamonds. 


Choker necklaces have also become very popular and give an elegant look. The Raani Haar is something that has been loved for years and is worn with chokers and other such necklaces. The layered ones like the panchladas and satladas with five and seven layers respectively are also loved for the beauty that they offer.


  • Maang Tikka 

This is a piece that is worn on the forehead and gives a great royal look. They are hooked onto the hair on the sides with one part that dangles down. The common maang tikkas that are seen very often are the Rajasthani Borla, the diamond-shaped maang tikka, and the broad matha patti. 


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