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Interesting Facts about Diamonds

December 09, 2021

15 Fun Facts About Diamonds

While there are many exciting points while choosing the suitable Diamonds for your wedding band like the 4 Cs, Diamond shape, and adhering to your spending plan, have you at any point pondered about the importance and beginning behind the Diamond?


The most valued valuable stone on Earth, this appealing gemstone has been desired for quite a long time and is a legend for its exceptional brightness and symbolic importance. 


To assist you with looking further into this rich history of the Diamond, we have gotten together a portion of our cherished interesting realities and pieces of legend encompassing this genuinely remarkable gemstone.


Throughout the long term, Diamonds has stayed one of the tremendous gemstones ever. Be that as it may, what precisely makes the Diamond so interesting? Not exclusively does a Diamonds can charm an individual's heart in only a couple of moments. 


However, the gemstone stays noteworthy for how they were shaped before the period of dinosaurs. Today, Diamonds is as yet known as a definitive image of adoration, making it the best present for commemorations, birthday celebrations, and exceptional festivals.


Maaya Fine Jewels, a seller of Diamond Jewelry Set and Diamond Mangalsutra in the USA, has listed 15 interesting facts about diamonds that you must know;


  1. Diamonds are the hardest normal stone on earth, framed commonly from outrageous temperatures and tension underneath the Earth's hull. Diamonds are brought to the Earth's surface through volcanic movement.


  1. Diamonds are known for their outrageous hardness, unrivaled splendor, and rich nostalgic worth.


  1. Diamonds are close to as old as the Earth and are expanding in extraordinariness as they require billions of years to shape. The arrangement begins in the profundities of the Earth, and not very many of these carbon gems come to the Earth's surface.


  1. The antiquated Romans and Greeks accepted that Diamonds were tears cried by the divine beings or splinters from falling stars.
  2. Diamonds are close to as old as the earth and require billions of years to shape somewhere down in the planet’s pit. Not very many Diamonds endure the excursion from the profundities of the earth to the hull where they can be mined.


  1. Diamonds structure around 100 miles underground and have been conveyed to the world's surface by profound volcanic ejections.


  1. Diamonds are made of a solitary component—they are almost 100% carbon. Under the outrageous hotness and strain far underneath the world's surface, the carbon particles bond in an exceptional way.


  1. Diamonds are the hardest regular substance on earth, positioning a ten on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. The main thing that can scratch a precious stone's surface is another Diamond.


  1. Diamonds have been esteemed and desired for millennia by any semblance of eminence and legendary creatures. Proof that Diamonds were being gathered and exchanged India as right on time as the fourth century BC.


  1. Antiquated Hindus utilized Diamonds according to reflection sculptures and accepted that a Diamond could shield its wearer from risk.


  1. Numerous antiquated societies accepted that Diamonds invigorated the wearer and boldness during the fight, and a few rulers wore Diamonds on their protective layer as they rode into battle.


  1. During the Middle Ages, Diamonds were thought to have mending properties ready to fix afflictions going from weakness to dysfunctional behavior.


  1. The previously known utilization of a precious stone wedding band occurred in 1477 when Archduke Maxmillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a gold ring.


  1. Lab Diamonds have similar physical, substance, and optical properties as mined Diamonds. They are supportable Diamonds with insignificant ecological effects and require no new mining.


  1. The biggest Diamond at any point found was known as the Cullinan precious stone and tipped the scales at an astounding 3106 carats, or 1.33 pounds.


So, this was a brief rundown of some interesting facts about diamonds that you may find fascinating. If you wish to know more about diamonds, contact Maaya Fine Jewels, a seller of Diamond Jewelry Set and Diamond Mangalsutra in the USA.