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Diamond Earrings by Maaya Jewels

March 21, 2022

Handy Tips to Care for your valuable Diamond Jewelry

Whenever you purchase a piece of diamond jewelry, you don't consider the care that will later be required. The vast majority have this preconception that you wear your diamond ring, neckband, or studs. They will continually sparkle and look new; however, similar to whatever else, a bit of warmth and care are expected to keep up with its brilliance.


What's significant is knowing how to take care of your diamond jewelry correctly. Maintenance isn't just cleaning; likewise, it takes additional care and protects it. Whether you own a diamond jewelry setdiamond necklace set, or a diamond bangle bracelet, all such ornaments require utmost care.


To help you take care of your valuable diamond jewelry, Maaya Fine Jewels has listed some of the handy tips that you can use;


Be Careful While Using Cosmetics.

Be careful while applying the cream for your dry skin since gems are stained by getting receptiveness to such parts. Even though the effect isn't eternal, it will unexpectedly stain the fantastic stone and decrease its gloss. A diamond bangle bracelet can easily get damaged by chemical cosmetics.


Avoid Oil and Dust

Oil and grime can cause prangs to remove, and you can lose a stone from your main decorations piece. Keep looking at the setting and mounts to ensure that everything is impeccable. You can similarly figure it out from your diamond vendor if you feel the prangs are unwinding.


Delicate Cleaning

Delicate cleaning of your valuable stones and diamonds can restore a ton of their brilliance, especially if it's been taken care of for quite a while. A mix of delicate dish cleaning agents and lukewarm water in a bowl can do - even a fragile wash through the frothy mixture can convey exceptional results. Be it a diamond bracelet for ladies or a diamond necklace set, delicate cleaning is essential for every piece of jewelry.


Wear Last

While you're getting ready to go out, you're showering and putting various things into your hair and applying aromas, creams, and balms around the zone of your face, neck, ears, and hands. If you put your jewels on until now, it could be canvassed in the development of every last one of those eminence things and smells after a short time.


Careful Storage

A few valuable diamond hoops and neckpieces are long and streaming, a course of sparkle and style. Careful storage is a flat-out need since they can take everything together, shapes and sizes. You want a lot of room in a colossal, sensitive-sided storing box so the pieces can lie level without being imploded back onto themselves.


Avoid Excess Light and Heat

Long receptiveness to light and warmth can adversely influence your jewels. For example, certain gemstones are fragile against heat, while various diamonds might whiten under the sun. 


Use Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are intended to clean your jewelry through vibration. And keeping in mind that these machines might achieve their objective of cleaning jewelry, they can likewise, in some cases, harm jewelry. Whenever these machines vibrate, they might begin to relax jewelry prongs, which seriously endangers you from losing a stone.


Remove them Before Sleeping

Keep your diamond earrings and other diamond jewelry protected and liberated from harm via carefully taking your jewelry off before bed. Unfortunately, many individuals believe it's okay to wear their diamond studs or their diamond wedding band to rest since this may not be awkward, and diamonds are truly tough.



There are various ways to take care of your diamond jewelry, make it sparkle, and keep up with its brilliance. You must consider every expert care idea that will eventually help you and your jewelry. Whether you own only a diamond ring or a complete diamond jewelry set, these care tips will help you.